Call for Sponsors

Microsoft Technical Community Bhopal is an open community of developers, technical enthusiasts and passionate students who work as a community to deliver technical content across Bhopal. They work for the development themselves and fellow members.

We host community events to guide professionals in different technologies. With MSTC, we are trying to create a platform where like-minded individuals come together to share and learn about technology.

MSTC Bhopal to host Global Azure BootCamp 2018 at LNCT Campus on 21st April

Bringing this community event to had taken lots of hardship. Its oppourtuinity for IT Companies and StartUps based in Madhya Pradesh and specifically Bhopal to collabrate with the Microsoft Technical Community, Bhopal.


First of all, Global Azure Bootcamp Bhopal 2018 is a sponsored event, allowing organisers to have sufficient monetary funds to raise a one day event consisting of conferences and workshops, up-to the expectations of attendees.

We are open to all sponsors, especially those related to Cloud Computing and its ecosystem:

  • Companies and people who live through Cloud Computing, preferably based in Bhopal and near region (without this being an obligation).
  • Companies useful to the local community: IT Companies, co-working space, schools, hosting and access providers, computer shops etc.

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