Terms & Conditions

By the act of buying a ticket for Global Azure Bootcamp Bhopal 2018, you confirm that

  1. You are aware that each ticket is valid for one person only.
  2. You are aware that no admission will be granted without the ticket.
  3. You agree to carry a smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other device which can be used to show us the sms, email or an electronic copy1 because the organisers will not accept print-outs.
  4. You are aware that tickets are non-transferable, which means no one else but you will be permitted against the ticket.
  5. You agree to not throw any leftover food2 items in the trash.
  6. You agree to not litter the venue3 and help us keep it clean.
  7. You authorise Global Azure Bootcamp Bhopal 2018 to send emails or SMS texts relevant to your participation which may not be limited to event and ticketing details.
  8. You have read and agreed to the Code-of Conduct.
  9. Your Name, Photo (fetched from gravatar), and Twitter handle and Website (if provided) will be made public on the Attendees page4 for networking purposes.
  10. You accept that the right of admission is reserved by the organisers and the venue management and they may revoke yours if deemed necessary.

Refund Policy

  • No refund will be provided once the ticket is purchased.

Useful Information

  • Although, it is not needed by us, please have a valid government or institutional ID on you at all times for security purposes.
  • Foreign nationals are requested to carry at least a copy of their passport.

  1. We are IT professionals, we look stupid when we use paper instead of computers. The simplest thing to do is to take a sms (which was sent to you after registration) or screenshot or print a pdf through your browser. In case, you don’t have a smartphone or a computer, we can work with the ticket code that’ll be sent to you. But no paper!
  2. We’ll provide facilities for collecting the leftovers which can be given to those who need it more than the trash can. The karma we collect, we’ll pass on to you.
  3. स्वच्छ भारत अभियान (Clean India Movement), anyone? Please deposit any plastic, paper, pamphlets, wrappers, etc at a recycling counter or back to the stalls where you picked them up from.
  4. We’ll be creating an attendees page, with Names, Photos and Twitter handles(if any). So just in case you missed taking down their contact at the Global Azure Bootcamp Bhopal 2018. Or, in case you met a great human being with a far reaching vision who didn’t get visiting cards, you can catch them via twitter!
    No personal information or information that could be used to identify you will be shared with any third party. Only statistics derived from all the information collected may be shared privately or publicly, for research and development purposes.